Beatson Cancer Charity

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Beatson Cancer Charity

Following the success of our annual Cancer Relief Charity Dinner we are pleased to be able to support the work undertaken by the Beatson Cancer Charity.

Joyce Ross, Corporate Partnership Manager for Beatson Cancer Charity invited Jim Harold and George Batters to a tour of their facilities and said:

“Thanks to your support we can continue to invest in services, staff, research and education to provide a better future for those affected by cancer. We aim to make the journey easier by transforming the way patients are cared for and the way treatment is funded. Whether it is in the hospital ward, or within the community, we believe no one in Scotland should experience cancer without care, without love and hope. We are with patients and their families whenever they need us.”

“All our work is made possible by supporters like you. It is your generosity that allows Beatson Cancer Charity and all our staff and volunteers to deliver an innovative and patient-focused approach to cancer care and change the lives of those afflicted by the disease every day.”

“Thank you for being with us.”

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